Policies | Service scolaire SESCO

Use of this site is governed by the terms of sale appearing below, which constitute a contract between you and SESCO. These conditions can be changed at any time by the company.


• One item or manual per ad.


• Le Sac d’école is a confidential community site that facilitates contact between buyers and sellers: SESCO is not involved in any way in the transactions between members.


• SESCO reserves the right not to accept an ad that does not correspond to the categories listed on the site.


• All ads must first be approved by SESCO’s webmaster before going online. During busy periods, 48 working hours may be required.


• SESCO reserves the right, without notice, to remove the ads from a member who fails to respect another member or the Le Sac d’école’s community.


• SESCO does not guarantee the sale of products advertised and no refund will be made for unsold products.


• No refund will be made (no exceptions) once an ad is accepted and published online.


• SESCO can not be held liable for any interruption of service due to a power outage or internet interruption.