FAQ | Service scolaire SESCO


How do I create a username and a password?

 Your username is the email you registered with. You may use a minimum of 8 alpha-numeric characters of your choice to create your password when filling out the registration form.


Who and how will I receive my password?

 You will choose your own password while filling out your registration


Can I use last year’s password?

 You only have to register once. If your password does not work, you can always ask the site to send you a new one by clicking on the link Forgot your password? Note that this version of the site went online in 2015. Any account created prior to this date is deleted.


How do I post an ad?

 Login to post an ad. Then click on “post ad” in the main menu and choose between “add a book” or “add an item”. You must then choose the school year when the book was used and then the school or “other school” if your school is not on the list. Fill in the required fields and follow the instructions on this page. 


If you do not go through a school list, it is important to identify the item you want to sell if you want it to be spotted by the search engine. Each manual or novel must be identified by its title. Do not write "Novels for sale." The buyer will look rather "The Princess of Cleves." Be specific!


Do I have to be registered to be able to do a search?

 You don’t have to be registered to execute a search, only to place an ad.


Will my personal information appear online?

 No! None of your personal information is published nor sent. Any personal information is strictly confidential. The seller indicates the means by witch he wants to be contacted: email or phone. Only the phone number will be displayed if you selected the option.


Why can’t I register more than one book per ad?

 Unfortunately, more than one book can not be published in one ad. The price per ad is a voluntary minimum which allows this service to be accessible and allows SESCO to assure maintenance and online security. Furthermore, the buyer who uses the search engine can only type one title at the time. Ads with more than one book will not appear in the search engine.


How long before my ad appears on the site?

 It may take up to 48 hours before your ad is posted. This delay is required for verification of the ad and allows us to assure its conformity with online politics.


My books are as new, what price should I sell for?

 As the vendor, you are the only one who determines the price. Generally, the price for a used book averages 50% of the original price if the book is in good condition.


Can I be reimbursed for an ad placed by mistake?

 No. It is important to double check your ads before proceeding to payment. No refunds will be made for ads already paid.


Where may I find the book ISBN and if there are two, which one should I take?

 You may find the ISBN on the back of the book or in the first few pages along with the editor information. You should not enter the hyphens and if there are two ISBN, you must take the longest (13 digits).

Why does the image I want to use not work?

 Image files should not exceed 1 MB. If your file is too large, try decreasing the resolution or the size of the image.